Forum for the Built Environment (fbe)

Welcome to the Forum for the Built Environment (fbe)
The faculty of Building has formed the fbe as a leading organisation promoting a Forum for the property, development, construction and infrastructure industries. Professionals engaged in the built environment choose to be members of fbe to help them build contacts and develop effective relationships and business opportunities. Some become fellows of the Faculty of Building and engage further in organising events and initiatives hosting a wide range of Branch, Regional and National events, ranging from breakfast networking with world-class speakers in attendance to an inter-regional sporting competition. They hold Seminars addressing important industry issues, social and recreational events and activities as well as hosting clients and colleagues at major Branch dinner events and award ceremonies. Membership at branch level further assists in the development of business relationships, making new acquaintances and contributing to the construction sector community.


All FBE Members and businesses within the property, development, construction and infrastructure industries, have joined together to provide news articles and press releases for fbe-zine. Click here to see the latest news on fbe-zine.

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