fbe Greater Manchester - 15-Minute City - Future of the Neighborhood or Dystopian Conspiracy

Greater Manchester Branch

13th July 2023
8:30 AM

Everyman St Johns Building 21-23 Quay Street, Manchester


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Is there a hotter topic in urban planning than the 15-minute city? Eliciting strong opinions from many industry voices while simultaneously finding itself the subject du jour of conspiracy theorists the world over, the waters surrounding the concept are

muddy for the uninitiated.

If we're to have an honest conversation about this approach, we have to cut through the noise and distinguish the facts from the fiction. What actually are 15-minute cities, what are the pros and cons, and how do we distinguish them from the misrepresentations being peddled by internet ideologues?

What is it?

The brainchild of Carlos Moreno – a French-Colombian professor – 15-minute cities were developed in the pursuit of l'amour des lieux, or, attachment to place. At its heart, the concept is simply about having everything you need to live and thrive within a 15-minute walk of your city home.

The upshot is fewer cars, less carbon, and reduced pollution. So why all the backlash?

In less than two years, the concept has gone from a relatively obscure urban planning framework to a pervasive catchphrase among city lovers, urban leaders, and property developers. But has it become overexposed while still being poorly understood?


Cleaning up a messy conversation

Everyone from Jordan Peterson to Russell Brand is pushing the idea that 15-minute cities are a nefarious plot to limit freedoms and control the population. With the considerable influence these celebrities wield, there is a real danger that their views gather mainstream acceptance. This could poison the well and sour the public on a potentially transformative planning policy before it even gets started.


At the event, we'll hear from the people in the know about 15-minute cities. Offering a balanced debate, we'll separate legitimate concerns from hair-brained conspiracies while discussing the challenges of dispelling misinformation and conspiracy thinking.



Stephen O’Malley, Civic Engineers (chair)

David Rudlin, BDP

Ian Simpson, Simpson Haugh Architects

Mital Morar, Store Group

Mark Rebbeck, Altered Spaces

Sophie Campbell, Placemarque

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