fbe Charity Support

The fbe is not an organisation principally involved in fund raising for good causes. However, since our formation in 1946 branches, recognizing that its members are privileged in the sense that they all have good jobs, relatively well paid and good prospects, achieving most of what we want in our lives can at least make some contribution from time to time.

Many Branches feature a charity at certain events through out the year raising money from raffles and some times auctions. There are Branches who annually hand over the chair and as a part of the role for the incoming chair is the choice of a charity for the year. This very often benefits local Charities, a good thing in itself.

For example Great Western Branch and Cambria Branch have been involved in this way for well over thirty years East Midlands and West Wales similarly following suit.

The sums involved are quite sizable. Great Western will raise 5k at just one event.

These are dinners and its all relatively easy to get members and guests to part with just a little.

Other branches will host an event at Christmas with a specific charity in mind whilst London for example chose a charity for the heart and promote it at every event.
Branches also run specific fund raising events; charity Golf Days and cycling events amongst them.

The Branch Chair has this discretion and that maintains a regional activity. The National Chairman similarly during the tenure has a choice of a Charity for National events.

All Branches promote the Charity contribution on their page on this site.

The Feathers Association

The principal objective of The Feathers Association is to provide opportunities for children, young people and communities to develop in a positive way through informal education, sporting, cultural and recreational activities which the charity has provided since 1934.

Our aim is to enable young people to cope more effectively with the transition from adolescence to adulthood and to enable young people to understand and act on personal, social and political issues which affect their lives, the lives of others and the communities of which they form a part. Additionally we help bring communities together by sharing experiences and learning outcomes.

Our Vision

The UK where all can achieve their potential regardless of background.

We believe it is important to increase the ability of young people and communities to identify, advocate and pursue their rights and responsibilities as individual citizens, as well as develop their capabilities – physical, intellectual, moral, social and emotional. To be a bigger part of their community, to add value to the lives of those they interact with and to help build a bigger brighter more positive modern Britain.



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