Forum for the Built Environment (fbe)

Forum for Tomorrow

As part of fbe, the Forum for Tomorrow provides unrivalled networking opportunities for young professionals across a wide range of professions with a focus on developing their networking and business generation skills while continuing their learning and supporting their career development.

Launched in 2008 the Forum for Tomorrow provides a forum for young professionals working within the industry to come together and to develop skills that will enhance their future careers.

Unlike many of the other institutions the fbe has members from across multiple disciplines and is focussed more on the business generation, networking and social aspects of the industry.

For details of specific events with special appeal for younger professionals, which will provide ideal forums for meeting like-minded professionals please see the events page.

Are you interested in being a Regional Representative for the Forum for Tomorrow?

For more information on the Forum For Tomorrow or if you interested in getting more involved developing regional programmes for the Forum for Tomorrow please contact Howard Gadd.