Forum for the Built Environment (fbe)


What is Forum for the Built Environment?

The fbe is the UK's leading networking organisation for professionals working in the      built environment industry. By holding first-class events with world-class speakers, the   fbe creates opportunities for personal, professional and commercial development.


How does the fbe work?

The fbe has over 25 branches across the UK which organise formal and informal events throughout the year. The benefits of operating on a local level is that local people work on local projects, meaning the people you meet at your branch's events understand the socio-economic and political landscape of the area in which you work and are therefore very useful contacts.


Who are fbe members and how many are there?

fbe members are drawn from all built environment-related professions, from commercial property developers to construction professionals. We currently have over 2,000 members in the UK, which we are working towards doubling within the next four years.


Why was the Faculty of Building (fob) changed to the Forum for the built environment (fbe)?

The fob was rebranded and restructured to make it more relevant to today's industry. The fbe reflects our mission to be a united voice in the industry representing the multiplicity of disciplines within it.


Who runs the fbe?

Each branch has its own chairman and the organisation as a whole is overseen by the National Management Committee and Board of Directors, chaired by Howard Gadd.